Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal 22-24 January 2020

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Between the 22nd and 24th of January of the current year, following the premises of the Regional Directorate of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo of the IPDJ, I.P., was realized a 4th meeting of the EUPASMOS project. The first day of the meeting was attended by Dr. Sílvia Vermelho who reinforced the importance of this project for different situations, on a national and international scale, adopting more adjusted sports policy measures from the monitoring system that receives valid data and comparable information on the participation of individuals in sports and sports activities.

Project partners from the following Member States participated in the meeting: Netherlands, Italy, France, Slovenia, Cyprus, Latvia, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Malta, Republic of North Macedonia and Romania.

The EUPASMOS project is currently in the analysis and treatment phase of the collected data and in preparation of the different final project products, including the publication of the data and the elaboration of the toolkit in order to support information research. It is currently in preparation of the final conference to present the project’s results.


Meeting in Utrecht, Netherlands, 24-26 July 2019

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An all-hands meeting was held in Utrecht, Netherlands, hosted by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. The objective was to discuss the progress and preliminary results from the data collection in phase II of the project, as well as fine-tune the strategy to develop the deliverables associated with phase III. An important objective of the meeting was to ensure alignment by all partners as to upcoming steps, such as data handling and ownership and the development of scientific publications previewed in the project, as well as discuss potential challenges and doubts particularly among new partners. Other relevant discussions included the details of the strategy to develop the scientific publications previewed in the project.

Comparing commonly used questionnaires for PA surveillance

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Project partners from the University of Ljubljana have conducted a preliminary literature review on measurement characteristics of the most commonly used physical activity questionnaires (PAQs) in EU countries, compared to other PAQs. Further, they will prepare a more thorough review on measurement characteristics of these PAQs in national languages if such information is available, as well as for national PAQs.

Main characteristics of these PAQs are summarized in the following table.

As a main method for the data collection, the following PAQs will be validated against accelerometer data and compared to each other;

  • IPAQ
  • GPAQ
  • Eurobarometer Sport and Physical activity
  • National PAQs (in countries who currently have and use them)

A detailed technical operational manual for the data collection, is currently being prepared by partners from France, Netherlands, Portugal and Slovenia.


Development of a toolkit

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One of the main objectives of the project, is to reinforce Member States’ capacity to monitor, analyze, and compare sedentary behavior patterns, PA and sport participation prevalence data. In order to achieve this, a toolkit will be developed, lead by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, with support from the Hungarian Leisure Sport Association, the Italian People’s Sports Movement, the Latvian Academy of Sport Education and the University of Ljubljana and some of our associate collaborative partners. The toolkit will be completed as one of the final deliverables of the project, in October 2019. The main expected outcome of the toolkit, is to be used as an instrument to support and guide all EU Member States and other stakeholders, in the implementation of the proposed harmonized physical activity and sport monitoring framework.

The toolkit is currently being developed and will be freely available soon!